IP Innovative Power

IP Innovative Power GmbH is an Energy as a Service (EaaS) micro-grid platform, part of a vertically integrated energy solutions group. With a core mission to reduce real estate related emission, IP deploys fully financed cutting-edge microgrid solutions, while partners benefit from cheaper energy and greener assets.

One harmonised solution

The IP micro-grid system is designed to maximize PV system capacity, in turn minimizing the assets’ emission. According to the assets’ thermal consumption, the designed micro-grid system aims to optimize the Heat Pump together with CHP system installed capacity. The battery storage solution is designed to further optimize the asset electricity production and consumption profile, whilst accounting for grid electricity prices, in order to optimize the overall system economics. The system generation and storage capacities support a full EV charging solution (including fast charging), which is supported by one of Europe’s largest roaming and cloud-based services. The micro grid system is fully managed by an exclusive proprietary AI-led, smart-energy management system.

How it works

IP holds a deep regulatory understanding, end-to-end execution capabilities including design, EPC, O&M and a bespoke, data-led solution approach for each asset, depending on its consumption profile and usage. IP fully finances projects, without subjecting real estate partners to any of the energy system’s costs. Once the project is complete, the real estate partners become consumers, and benefit from a significant discount and a stronger ESG profile.

Why IP innovative power?

The key to a micro-grid success is the ability to integrate different technologies into one centrally managed solution. IP’s one-stop-shop approach is reflected through design to execution. Simultaneously optimizing energy solutions ensures optimal environmental and economic outcomes.

Where we’ve done it before

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A micro-grid system in a commercial office asset, combining Solar PV, CHP, EV charging stations and Storage.

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Amsterdam’s largest rooftop PV project, including a CHP system, heat pumps and EV charging stations.

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Mixed-use asset, featuring a Solar roof-top system, CHP, new gas boilers (replacing old oil boilers) and EV charging stations

Who we work with


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